We are focused on maximizing the appearance, performance and health of our partners' workplaces.


This graphic depicts maximum carpet life and appearance with a custom Intex maintenance plan:

  • Maintained with our proprietary, environmentally preferable EcoTex Cleaning System.
  • Implementation of the industry’s most comprehensive maintenance procedures.
  • Achieve high appearance levels to represent your company’s standards of excellence. 
  • Optimization of indoor air quality to protect employee health.
  • Increase employee productivity with a healthier work space.
  • Comply with manufacturer specifications and protect product warranties. 

This graphic depicts a shortened carpet lifecycle with “as needed” or infrequent cleaning:

  • Poor appearance levels between cleanings.
  • Shorten carpet life by up to 50%.
  • Void carpet warranties.
  • Reduce indoor air quality.
  • Less employee productivity.
  • Weaken company image.

We create custom carpet and flooring maintenance plans based on your specific flooring types, workspace layout, usage patterns (i.e. track off areas, main traffic lanes), budget and performance goals.

Can we design a maintenance program to achieve your goals?


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