vision, mission & values

We are

a passionate team of service people that care deeply about delivering exemplary, sustainable maintenance solutions for commercial carpet and other interior finishes and furnishings in order to maximize the appearance, performance, and health of our partners’ workplaces.

We serve

as a model of how an enterprise can, while remaining profitable, be caring, equitable, and sustainable for our partners, employees, community, and planet.

Achieving our vision and mission requires:  

  • ​Providing world class quality and service 
  • Long-term employees that are cared for, respected, empowered, and acknowledged
  • Maximizing the potential of all employees through encouragement, mentoring, education, and opportunity 
  • Being exemplary stewards of the planet
  • Being a problem solver and solution provider  
  • Communication that is timely, honest, accurate, and concise
  • Sharing our beliefs and best practices with others 
  • Outstanding appearance in every aspect of our business 
  • Making a reasonable profit without compromising our ethics
  • Continual evaluation, training, and improvement 
  • Embracing diversity 
  • Showing generosity, kindness, love, and thanks