David Rosenstein, founder of Intex Solutions, learned the cleaning business working in his uncle’s house cleaning / janitorial service in the mid 1960’s when he was 13.  While attending U.C. Santa Cruz in the early 1970’s he started a house / janitorial cleaning company named Scrubbing Students. During summer breaks David worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a campground ranger, fire fighter, and project leader with impoverished Native American youth.  These experiences nurtured his love of nature, commitment to environmental protection, and social justice.  


After graduating U.C. Santa Cruz with Honors in Anthropology David returned to Southern California and began another cleaning firm named The Cleaning Living Company (CLC) which had a 1965 VW convertible as the company vehicle. CLC morphed into Westside Carpet Care when carpet and upholstery cleaning was added to the list of services and into Intex Solutions when the work became exclusively commercial in the 1980s.  Intex has grown into one of the nation’s largest specialty commercial carpet and textile cleaning enterprises.  David is proud to have always run his business as a model of environmentally and socially responsible practices.